Free Hotel Carbon Offsets is making it easier to relax on your next holiday by offsetting for free the estimated hotel carbon emissions.

Now, every night you stay at a hotel booked through, we will buy carbon offsets and support the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

What are verified carbon offsets?

Verified carbon offsets are from emission reduction projects that have been independently verified to deliver measurable benefits. The number of offsets purchased will be calculated based on the estimated emissions from nights stayed at hotels purchased through

Why is BookedYet paying for the offsets?

At, we believe businesses around the world should be taking strong action today to improve environmental outcomes for future generations. By paying for the offsets we can ensure that every night stayed at a hotel booked through is supporting the advancement of the SDG’s.

When will my hotel stays emissions be offset?

At the end of each month we will reach out to our carbon offset partner and calculate the estimated emissions from the nights stayed at hotels booked through BookedYet for that month and purchase verified carbon offsets.

What if a hotel is already carbon neutral?

Some hotels listed on may not have taken any sustainable actions to date where some may have already achieved net-zero emissions. To ensure every booking made through is advancing the SDG’s, we will be purchasing carbon offsets for the traveller’s hotel stay. And for those hotels that have already reduced their emissions, we will effectively be making the stay carbon positive.

Free Hotel Carbon Offsets and the SDG’s

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) set the world on a path for sustainable development. Tourism can play a significant role in delivering solutions that meet some of these goals, either directly or indirectly. To support the advancement of the SDG’s, is offering free hotel carbon offsets. In addition to paying for carbon offsets for nights stayed, also provides travellers with information on hotels that have taken sustainable actions to support more sustainable choices.

Hotels Carbon Footprint

The hotel sector accounts for around 1% of global emissions. This does not include the transport emissions related to tourism which represented 5% of all man-made emissions in 2016. Hotel related emissions are typically calculated by multiplying energy use by the emissions intensity of the fuel type plus any on-site emissions related to air-conditioning, refrigeration and transport.

Free Hotel Carbon Offsets
Free Hotel Carbon Offsets

Hotels are Taking Action

A growing number of hotels are taking actions like becoming certified by eco-labels that follow the GSTC guidelines, sourcing renewable energy, implementing energy efficiency measures like installing LED’s, sourcing local food, converting hotel waste to energy and purchasing carbon offsets. gives travellers the choice to book hotels that have taken actions like these to reduce their impact on the environment from travel.

Co-Benefits of Carbon Offsets

Beyond carbon reductions, carbon offset projects often present several benefits including biodiversity, gender equality and Indigenous employment. For example, rainforest protection projects help to protect wildlife, conserve habitat, prevent erosion and empower the local community through forestry management jobs. These co-benefits ensure that is supporting the advancement of several SDG’s as possible during the decade for action!

Free Hotel Carbon Offsets